The Tone Zone Fitness Centre website is live

Tone Zone Fitness CentreToday sees the launch of the all new Tone Zone Fitness Centre website. Tone Zone is a fitness centre based in Yeovil, Somerset, run by Jon & Jane Carter, both body-building champions. You know that they know their stuff when it comes to personal training. Tone Zone offer a full fitness service including: personal training, exercise classes, tailored fitness plans, nutritional advice, diet plans, weight loss or weight gain, the list goes on .. Jon also runs an online store selling nutritional supplements, or you can buy from reception at the club. Don’t forget to book a one day free trial at Tone Zone, just fill in the online form. Jon was very specific about what he wanted fromn his new site and branding and we’re glad to say he’s delighted with the results, as are we at oneweb. The site is a dynamic PHP coded site with a content management system and, as always, a super-important blog section for those all important news updates to get the search engines working for you. It seems the team here quite like working on gym websites. The site is available at

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