The Responsive Mobile Website Revolution

mobile-devicesThe mobile device revolution has started … are you ready? Is your business taking advantage? Is your website ‘responsive’?

So, is your website responsive and mobile-ready? According to recent research less than 19% of the world’s top 500,000 web sites are mobile-ready and that means you may already be losing business to those competitors who have already embraced this trend. Have you checked your web analytics recently? You’ll be amazed how your website traffic is increasingly being generated by mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, Androids and other types of smartphone or tablet devices. In fact, by providing a satisfactory mobile experience, companies pave the way for clients to go on to purchase. A ForeSee Results’ survey found those who are satisfied with a mobile experience are 32% more likely to go on to purchase from that company online and 31% more likely to buy offline. It is also estimated that by 2013 more people will access internet using mobile devices than computers. So you could be losing potential customers if your website doesn’t provide a great user experience on a smartphone or tablet.

Making a decision to ensure your web site is mobile and m-commerce ready will ensure your customers can engage with you no matter what platform they use. Going mobile ready does mean business!

Making it happen for you:

Choosing the right partner to develop a your mobile site will ensure you get the right level of technology to suit your needs and budget. You need a mixture of experience, technical skill and commercial experience to make this happen successfully and oneweb is an ideal choice. We can help you give your customers the great mobile experience they deserve. As well as being multi-platform compliant, your new mobile website will look professional and easy to use; integrated with your existing web presence to keep your customers fully engaged to help generate additional business.

What next?

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After all… There are probably just three choices:

  • Do nothing. I really don’t believe in these new fangled gizmos and I don’t need any more business.
  • I want to ensure my customers get a great mobile experience, but I’ll cautiously dip my toe in the water thanks so let’s talk about an introductory package.
  • I really can’t afford to miss out on the additional mobile traffic so I might need to discuss this in more depth with you ASAP

Contact us today and let’s get started!

Dave Hinxy

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Dario H. Underwood
January 28, 2013 9:43 am

The majority of websites will display on a mobile device, but unless they have been designed specifically for mobile devices the user experience may leave a lot to be desired. A truly mobile-ready website site is tailored specifically for the smaller screens and with the specific needs of mobile users in mind.


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