The new Facebook News Feed: Love it or hate it?

facebook-multiFacebook users have had mixed reactions to the revamped News Feed the social network began rolling out Tuesday night. Instead of asking users to choose between ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Most Recent’ links, the new News Feed adjusts content based on the last time they checked it. Users who rarely log in, for instance, see top stories from their networks. More frequent users see recent content in chronological order. Facebook also changed the way photos are displayed in the News Feed, making them larger and more prominent.

The most drastic change to the News Feed concept is the addition of a news ticker. Above the chat column, users now see real-time updates from their networks. When they click items from the ticker, the content is brought up in a hover window and the user does not need to leave the page in order to interact with their updates.

Facebook’s News Feed now delivers top stories to you based on the last time you logged in. That way, if you haven’t logged in for a few days, you won’t miss important life events in your News Feed. Users can also adjust their News Feeds by marking or unmarking updates as ‘Top Stories’.

Recent opinions include: "I don’t need everyone to know what photos or comments I ‘Like’ and I don’t want to know that depth of other people’s communications, either" and

"I’ve been asking for a long time for a way to make sure I don’t miss the most important things in friend’s lives, especially those who don’t post often, while a long string of inanities from talkative friends scroll by"

We’d like to hear from more of you. Are you enjoying the latest changes or are you annoyed by them? As my mate Charlie always says "We Fear Change!"

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Facebook, you’re not near as smart as you think you are. Your algorithms for deciding what I want to see, who I want to talk to or what I think is important are 99.999% of the time the exact polar opposite of what I want. Everything you do to try to simplify things only complicates things more. Every attempt you make to improve things inevitably ends up in a HUGE step backwards. Take for example the new way Facebook displays pictures when clicked on that now appear initially as a compressed blurry mess reminiscent of the internet circa 1990. Something as simple as a Friend Request is now just a headache of options. The chat, instead of just showing everybody that’s online now is broken up into segments that YOU GUESS I want to talk to, more often than not displaying many that I rarely want to chat with and many that aren’t even online. Do I have the option to just display everyone that IS online? Nope, because as history has taught us Facebook isn’t about viewing or doing things that I want, it’s about Facebook coming up with some ludicrous idea of how things “should” be and than ramming it down it’s users throats. I echo the sentiments of others that have cited that it is this kind of mentality that killed MySpace, a reminder that Facebook should never consider themselves “too big to fail.” You’re not…


I agree with your mate, we fear change. But in this case I really don’t like the new layout, the new concept or the lack of options to use the previous version. Come back old Facebook!

Cheryl Hewitson
September 21, 2011 10:13 pm

It is all a bit too busy for my liking theres too much going on, I preferred the old one, Ive already deleted 5 friends coz i got sick of seeing their photos in big…… but then we did all complain when it got updated last time so maybe we will get used to it!


Hi it’s the fear Change guy (Charlie) here. I’ve just got home to find my Facebook has been turned upside-down. Too many “changes” in one hit for me! and many others I’m guessing. There’s just $41t popping up everywhere!!! But I remember it changing once before and us all moaning but we soon got used to it. But is this too much now? I’m seeing people moaning that it’s displaying where they are. For the people not wanting girlfriends/boyfriends knowing where they are will be caught out………
There used to be an option to use the old version but can’t see this now, maybe it’s in there somewhere amongst all the pop out bubbles of garbage I’m not interested in.
No doubt it will change again soon and we’ll want this one back. But for now, I Fear Change.


LOL. Well put ‘my mate Charlie’


facebook ******s
i cancelled my facebook account today
cuz them pestering ******* won’t go away
you think they would have better things to do
than go online and bother you
with their laptops they can’t part
they’ll even tell you when they ****
there’s people that want to start a club
the ones that buy you a drink
when there’s no ****n pub
the ones that throw you a rubber chicken
they all want strangling and ****in kickin
if you don’t respond
they give you a poke
then make it a super
it’s no friggin joke
oh i have a feed
from my mate Ross
he has changed his status
who gives a toss
you can have yourself a date
with just pictures and writing
sat at your laptop practising left handed typing
oh look a friend request
an old mate called ben
i add him to the list
then never talk to him again
i search for my x girlfriends
it’s right up my street
just nosing around
and being a creep
my status,
‘i’m taken’
i’m with a girl called bex
i made it all up
just to **** off my x
i’m stalking a girl
on facebook and twitter
i perv at her photos
while sat on the ****ter
everyone knows you
through the eyes of their screen
but they’ll never find out
what you really mean
it’s sad to take the easy option in life
searching online for a friend or a wife
just get out and touch someone
it’s not that scary
meet sandra meet stephen
a hug too mary
with their laptops they can’t part
touching flesh is a forgot’n art
i cancled my facebook account today
cuz them pestering ******s just won’t go away.

Jonathan Lomas



LOL Loving this Jonnie after I joinup the dots……

Cheryl Hewitson
September 21, 2011 10:49 pm

its just not the same poem with the words blanked out, it took him a long time to write that have some respect LOL


dont bother me, i could not even use the old facebook


Far too much going on for my liking, when on the home page where is the option for most recent, i don’t really care what people where doing 18hrs ago. Might get used to it but at the moment i think its very sh!te


I don’t actually mind it, yes its a bit different and will take a little while to get used to, but it doesn’t offend me the way it appears to have done quite a lot of people.

September 22, 2011 10:45 am

Sorry Facebook, you keep saying you’ve changed, but it’s too late. I’m already in love with someone else, her name’s Twitter. #NewFacebook


I must be young as I dont mind the change ha !!!!!


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