How Great Ecommerce Web Design Can Sell Your Product In 2015

ecommerce web design tamworth

Selling and buying on the web has come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years and nowhere has that become more apparent than with the explosion in smartphone usage, allowing people to surf, and shop, on the move. 62% of mobile users now use their phone to make at least one purchase per month.

It’s a rapidly developing market place and if your product isn’t online you are missing out on valuable sales.

With access to so many customers, businesses need to have attractive and functional online stores that utilise high class eCommerce web design. Having a poorly designed or badly thought out site can dramatically reduce sales and the chances that customers will return to you:

  • With the trend moving towards ever greater purchasing online in 2014 and beyond, it is vital for all businesses to get their eCommerce web design strategy right.
  • More and more niche businesses are beginning to set up eCommerce sites. Developing an online store provides the easiest and most affordable way of reaching consumers and selling a product.
  • Many shoppers see buying online as the cheaper option. 72% of US shoppers have browsed in store before heading to the internet to make their purchase.
  • World eCommerce sales are massive and many businesses are trying to get their share of the pie. There are expected to be $1.5 trillion worth of online sales in 2014.

Having an online store for your product is not just about a colourful design. Many businesses now realise that integrating their site, having it fully optimised so that search engines can find it, and linking everything to an effective social media strategy is only part of the process.

In truth, eCommerce is a bit like a land grab, with many start-ups being created on a daily basis. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the UK where, last year, over half a million new businesses registered with Companies House. And that figure is set to rise in 2014 as the economic situation improves and people feel more confident in starting up their own online eCommerce stores.

With the increase in numbers vying for eCommerce real estate, there is also the problem of making your business look different from all the others out there. Buying an off-the-peg eCommerce website design is all well and good but finding one that is tailored to your business needs and, more importantly, the needs of your consumers could make the difference between success and failure.

Building a personal relationship with an eCommerce web design company can have many benefits:

  • You get a professional team who understands and cares for your product.
  • You get a more effective website with greater functionality that is tailored to your needs.
  • You get personalised graphics and design that help you stand out from the crowd, which is critical.
  • You get deeper and more potent search engine optimisation (SEO) integrated into the coding of your web site.

Finally, your eCommerce website design gets tested for usability by the experts – when it goes live you can be confident that your customers will be able to use it easily and that means they are more likely to come back to you.

eCommerce Web Design Tamworth

While new and existing businesses can access user friendly eCommerce webdesign packages practically at the touch of a button, many are choosing to opt for a bespoke service. Their ideas and desires are explored in house by a team that takes the time to find out about their product, consumers and future plans.

At OneWeb you have everything you need in one place, an experienced team committed to providing the service that your business needs.

Contact us today to see how we can help transform your ideas into powerful, online designs that make your eCommerce site one of the business successes of 2015.

Dave Hinxy

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