Get Rid of Your Flash Website?

Flash logoHere’s a statement: It’s time to get rid of your Flash website. They may look beautiful, but when it comes to efficiency, they’re hopeless.

Here’s just a few (out of hundreds) of reasons to replace your Flash website:

  • It’s a pain to manage.
  • It’s a pain for people that visit your website.
  • It’s a pain to browse.
  • It’s old fashioned.
  • No one likes the music playing in the background.
  • You are making people wait for your website to load.
  • Your website is not supported on Apple mobile products. Tut tut!
  • You don’t have any SEO capabilities.
  • You’re, most likely overpaying for what you are getting. (In the long run)
  • You’re missing out on about 100% of the promotional tools you have access to if your website wasn’t a Flash website.

When it comes to oneweb we will build you a Flash website if you absolutely insist that you must have one but we would try to talk you out of it. We still build quite a few Flash widgets and features which are kinda ok to use but we still discourage it because they don’t look very bright and shiny on iPads and iPhones when your visitor is looking at a blank piece of web page.

Make a move. Think about a revamp. Get rid of your Flash website and convert it to a more functional, easy to use and update WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal website. Contact us for a quote today.


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