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Hey guys. This is part 1 of our ongoing tips & tricks tutorials about #winning online. oneweb can offer sound advice, drawn from years of online experience, and we love to pass this information on to you guys. Here are some valuable tips for blogging.

The first one is that the title should be keyword rich. You want to use good keywords – keywords that your readers are searching for – in your titles. Most of the things we’ve seen and tested show that having an image in every article is good. It makes it more visually appealing. It gives people something to gravitate towards rather than just a whole bunch of text on the page.

We would always recommend using both e-mail and RSS subscriptions. oneweb can build you an RSS facility to include in your site. There are also ways to do email subscriptions which we can help you with. When you publish a new blog article, it can automatically go to the people subscribing to the blog by e-mail. For us, about a third of our blog subscribers are by e-mail. Other sites have 70-80% of their blog readers subscribing by email. Some clients use RSS, some use email more, and you should have both of those available to make sure that you’re making it as easy as possible for people to get your blog content if they’re interested in it.

Blog The other thing that’s really important is leveraging calls to action in order to drive more traffic to your landing pages. It’s important to have a call to action in every article, and that’s basically a link to something where people can register, opt-in, start a trial, buy a product, something like that to get them moving down the sales and marketing process. I can tell you that by adding calls to action to our blog, we almost tripled the number of leads we were getting from it. People often ask us, how do I get more comments? Some of the great ways to do that: ask a question at the end of the article or be controversial. The more controversial you are, the more comments you will get. I know that from experience. Also, leave part of the issue untouched. If you completely cover a topic, you’re not really leaving room for people to add something to it.

If you need article ideas, check your sent items in your email. Most people, businesses and marketers are getting questions all day long from customers and potential customers about all sorts of things. Checking and seeing how you’ve answered those questions can be a great way to cover popular topics. You can also look at FAQs from your sales people. I also think it’s important engage the whole company and not dump all the blogging and content-creation responsibility on one person. How do you engage the whole company? We’ve tried a bunch of things here at oneweb and have quite a few different people who are writing for our blog. We do contests. We do public praise. We’ve certainly been able to gather a lot of support from our team. We’ve built it into some of the employee goals for a couple of different groups in the company.

Get everyone addicted to the process of blogging, the feedback and the positive loop that can happen by publishing an article. oneweb are here to help you. Blogging has become an essential component in the pursuit of online success. Contact us today for help, support, guidance, whatever you need really, and let us help you take your website to a whole new level.

Remember, the search engines are looking for ‘new and relevant content’ from you so give it to them!

.PDF logoShould you wish to save or print a copy of this post, then click the .PDF logo here and download a copy. Thanks for your interest in our tutorials for online success, we would love to hear from you, whether feedback, ideas for future tutorials or questions, so please leave us some comments. See you next time.

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