Destiny Driving School Aylesbury

destiny-driving-school-aylesburyWhen it comes to your website, always read the small print! Aylesbury based Destiny Driving School had a website built and hosted by yellsites which, it turns out according to the terms and conditions, didn’t belong to them nor did the domain name even after paying a substantial fee for the whole project. Fiona came to us after a content managed website to replace the old one which she could develop herself. We built Destiny a WordPress CMS website which they can add to and edit as much as they want, creating keyword opportunities in the process and climbing the their way up the SERPs (search engine results pages). For some of the keywords targetted, the site has moved up 80 positions in the first 2 weeks and that is with a new domain name so effectively starting from scratch. Fiona is a grade 6 instructor, the highest qualificaion possible, so if you are after driving lessons in Buckinghamshire, you would do well to give Destiny Driving School a call.

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