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The GravityLive Website Is Live

In the words of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, "GravityLive are fabulous!" Mikey and Kathryn are professional performers with acts that range from stilt walkers to angle grinders, living statues to feather showgirl dancers. They wanted a new refreshed website to showcase their acts which had to be a CMS (content management system) as they have so many new performances which…

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cookies and the law

New Website Cookie Law Is Now In Force

As of this month any public website should provide information about its use of cookies and give the option to disable them, not just a document stashed away somewhere, but on the homepage as the first thing a visitor sees! The cookie law was actually passed last year, but we were all given 12 months to sort ourselves out. Now…

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Happy Christmas from oneweb

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The Art of Flight / Red Bull Media House

Not only are all of the guys in this movie our snowboarding heroes, Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, John Jackson and the rest but anyone who hasn’t seen the movie or the website should definately take a look. The film ‘The Art of Flight’ is what most of us snowboarders dream of (I have a savings account just for the BIG…

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PChelp4U & their new website by oneweb

We are delighted to announce our new association with the Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire based I.T. support company PChelp4U. The company’s owner approached us to design a unique looking website to replace their previous site, not as an upgrade, but completely starting from scratch, we were obviously happy to take on the project. The brief was to create something unique looking…

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Our 20 Favourite Online Marketing Quotes

Here are our 20 favourite quotes in the world of online marketing. Some guys know exactly what to say at exactly the right time and these are the best of the best by the best plus a few from our own guys. All of these sum up the ethos of oneweb and how we strive to offer up relevant and…

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Business Blogging Tips & Tricks

Welcome to part 4 of the tips & tricks tutorials, this time it’s business blogging. We keep going on about blogging. There is a very sound reason for doing so: Search engines look for ‘new and relevant content’. A blog gives you the tools to add keywords to your website very inexpensively. Here’s some tips on business blogging: There is…

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The new Facebook News Feed: Love it or hate it?

Facebook users have had mixed reactions to the revamped News Feed the social network began rolling out Tuesday night. Instead of asking users to choose between ‘Top Stories’ and ‘Most Recent’ links, the new News Feed adjusts content based on the last time they checked it. Users who rarely log in, for instance, see top stories from their networks. More…

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Facebook Launches the Subscribe Button

Howdy Facebook Fans! I’m sure you’ve spotted it by now, Facebook’s intriguing new feature called the Subscribe Button. This new feature adds new flexibility to the Facebook news feed while adding important features popularized by Twitter and Google +. The new button adds another layer of complexity to an interface that already bewilders many non-geeks, but the promise of removing…

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