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The Next Generation Of Web Developers, Coders and Programmers

A few months back we were approached by the Warwick County Council who asked us if we would like to get involved with an initiative they were planning, where computer professionals visit schools and colleges to talk about subjects like web development, software development, programming and learning to write code. It was a great plan, getting high school students interested…

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The GravityLive Website Is Live

In the words of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, "GravityLive are fabulous!" Mikey and Kathryn are professional performers with acts that range from stilt walkers to angle grinders, living statues to feather showgirl dancers. They wanted a new refreshed website to showcase their acts which had to be a CMS (content management system) as they have so many new performances which…

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cookies and the law

New Website Cookie Law Is Now In Force

As of this month any public website should provide information about its use of cookies and give the option to disable them, not just a document stashed away somewhere, but on the homepage as the first thing a visitor sees! The cookie law was actually passed last year, but we were all given 12 months to sort ourselves out. Now…

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Pole Dancing, Super Heroes & Adam Jay Photography

There’s never a dull moment working with Adam and developing his websites,, and One day he woke up and decided what the world needed was a professional photographer bringing the amazing world of pro-pole dancing to the masses. He set off on a round-the-world trip to capture the finest pole dancing images and video for his website….

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Making A Good First Impression Online

It always amazes us here at oneweb just how many websites have homepages that are so cluttered you can’t immediately see the content and struggle to gauge what the site is actually about. At first glance you are bombarded with adverts, banners and some text you daren’t hover over for fear of opening another ad box. Website owners are so…

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Happy Christmas from oneweb

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Progressive Beats by DJ Phil Byron

ProgressiveBeats is the online presence of DJ Phil Byron. Phil started DJing in the clubs of Birmingham, UK in the mid 90′s, playing big house anthems in some of the city’s most up for it clubs. Since those days Phil’s musical tastes have matured, he plays Progressive House, Trance, Breakbeat and is an accomplished Hip Hop DJ. Regardless of which…

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For Sale SENNA.CO & eSHOPPER.CO premium domains

We are offering a rare opportunity to grab hold of some premium domains at bargain prices. SENNA.CO for the F1 racing fans and eSHOPPER.CO for the entrepreneurs amongst you. Some of the other ‘e’ domains have recently sold for BIG bucks. just went for $45,000! Buy it, hang on to it, sell it. Both of these domains are available…

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Flash logo

Get Rid of Your Flash Website?

Here’s a statement: It’s time to get rid of your Flash website. They may look beautiful, but when it comes to efficiency, they’re hopeless. Here’s just a few (out of hundreds) of reasons to replace your Flash website: It’s a pain to manage. It’s a pain for people that visit your website. It’s a pain to browse. It’s old fashioned.

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Our 20 Favourite Online Marketing Quotes

Here are our 20 favourite quotes in the world of online marketing. Some guys know exactly what to say at exactly the right time and these are the best of the best by the best plus a few from our own guys. All of these sum up the ethos of oneweb and how we strive to offer up relevant and…

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Business Blogging Tips & Tricks

Welcome to part 4 of the tips & tricks tutorials, this time it’s business blogging. We keep going on about blogging. There is a very sound reason for doing so: Search engines look for ‘new and relevant content’. A blog gives you the tools to add keywords to your website very inexpensively. Here’s some tips on business blogging: There is…

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