Apple’s Safari Browser is crashing on iPhones and Macs worldwide – The Fix

Apple’s Safari browser is experiencing issues worldwide this morning. Searching from the address bar in both iOS and OS X is causing the browser to crash in some instances. OneWeb has confirmed the problem on several of our own iOS devices and at least one OS X machine. So, for our clients calling in this morning for advice, here is a simple temporary fix:


Our iOS developer, notes that the problems are related to Safari’s search suggestions feature. Simply disabling this feature will stop Safari crashing, or using the private mode option in the browser as a temporary workaround. Not everyone is affected, and this could be because some have the search suggestions cached locally or they’re still able to reach Apple’s servers thanks to a DNS cache. OneWeb has reached out to Apple for comment on the problems, and we’ll update you accordingly.

Apple’s Safari Browser Fix → The Path: Settings > Safari > Safari Suggestions > Toggle to OFF > Done!

Apple's Safari Browser

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